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The power of the "co"

Working across different regions, disciplines, worldviews, professions, and/or sectors can be a major challenge for research and storytelling initiatives, yet these partnerships and relationships that are often required to contribute to positive social and environmental change. We recognize the power of the "co": co-documentation, co-investigation, co-production of knowledge, and of course, co-mmunication! In particular, we see creative, visual, and arts-based methodologies as a core part of collaborative work, with the potential to directly engage participants in research processes, translate knowledge and gain feedback in accessible and understandable ways, support local ownership of data, and co-create knowledge in ways that align with community needs and values. 


Data Sharing Events

​Facilitating opportunities to share knowledge and hear community feedback through a variety of strategies: 

  • Open Houses

  • Video screenings

  • Photo exhibits

  • Interactive knowledge sharing activities

  • Collective storyboarding

Foto 17-05-19 06 17 4.JPG

Education and Training

Organizing educational events to build collective visual communication and methodological capacity:

  • Webinars

  • Workshops

  • Custom training sessions

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Participatory Video

Supporting opportunities for communities to create their own videos in ways that are accessible, creative, and voice their own concerns and experiences.



Photo Methods & Outputs

Blending photography with participatory and qualitative approaches: 

  • PhotoGraphs

  • PhotoVoice

  • Photobooks

  • Photoessays

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