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You are a researcher

We support researchers at all stages of their process, including conceptualization, data collection, analysis, and dissemination. Our unique visual-based methods can help individuals and teams who intend to blend traditional qualitative techniques with creative, place-based, community-led strategies of inquiry. We also support knowledge mobilization efforts by highlighting the unique contribution of your research in ways that are understandable and engaging for a variety of audiences. 

You are a community group

We assist community groups that are working on social, health, and environmental education, storytelling, monitoring, reporting, knowledge preservation, and policy. Our community-based approach prioritizes leadership and engagement from members of the communities we work with. 

You are an NGO

We work with non-profit organizations that have a variety of social and environmental focuses. In particular, we can help with promoting cause-related campaigns and events, donor-oriented storytelling and communication, research and knowledge production, and facilitating co-creation events. 

You are a company

We also collaborate with purpose-driven businesses that are committed to positive social and environmental change. Whether a start-up or an established company, we can assist with a variety of communication and capacity-building services that help share the impact that your company is committed to. 

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